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Kousa Dogwood

Kousa DogwoodStunning Spring Display, Edible Fruit and Fall Color The Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa chinesis) is a deciduous tree with a specialized leaf system (bract), that creates a showy white appearance throughout the summer.  This tree would look stunning planted in small groupings along your home or as a focal point in your front yard.  Your Dogwood’s 4-inch, dark green leaves will appear in spring, but it’s in late spring when the real show begins.  Pointed bracts of 4-petaled white flowers will appear, giving this tree a unique show-stopping appearance.  As an added bonus, 1-inch, round red berries will begin to appear in the summer and be ready for a fall harvest.  Sweet and juicy, these berries are a favorite for wine makers, but can also be eaten straight from the tree.   As fall approaches, your Dogwood will transform from green to a vibrant red/burgundy splash of color for your landscape.  Even when those leaves have come and gone, your remaining berries will still dangle from the branches, like an early holiday display right in your yard. The Dogwood has a horizontal branching structure that reaches all the way to the base, forming a natural pyramidal shape.  It can reach heights of 15-30 ft and spread to 20 ft wide.  This particular Dogwood has a better disease tolerance than many other flowering Dogwoods, and is generally hardy and easy to care for.  Deer won’t like this tree, but birds certainly will…and so will you! * Unique spring/summer display* Edible fruit* Fall colorCheck Prices at Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
Kwanzan CherryHardiest of all cherry trees Rapidly grows to a mature height of 30-40 ft. The Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree is easily the showiest of all Cherry Trees. Its flowers arent just pink but Double Pink, meaning you get twice as many blooms as found on other trees. Your new Kwanzan Cherry Tree blooms in large clusters of 3-5 flowers! These clusters are the thickest of all pink flowering trees and look similar to carnations. Your Kwanzans will begin to bloom in April. Also a delight in the fall, when it will give you golden autumn leaves that grab everyone’s attention. One of the easiest flowering trees to grow! Thrives in almost any soil and climate. Easily grown in zones 5-9. A tree for many seasons!Check Prices at Fast Growing Trees Nursery
Lungwort – Cevennensis Silver Spots in the Shade Lungwort Cevennensis, Pulmonaria longifolia ‘Cevennensis’, is a clump forming lungwort that is valued by gardeners for its attractive foliage. It features very long and narrow silvery spotted leaves.  In the spring, drooping clusters of funnel-shaped, dark violet-blue flowers appear. Lungwort Cevennensis is easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade, but it prefers cool soils that are moist and humusy. This lungwort is very tolerant of wet, poorly drained soils, so it must have constant moisture and not be allowed to dry out. Leaves can depreciate considerably in extremely hot weather or too much sun. Keeping the plant moist will maintain an attractive foliage after bloom and throughout the summer. Lungwort Cevennensis spreads very slowly by creeping roots, and it is best to divide the plants in the fall. It is deer resistant. *Dark Violet Blue Flowers *Silver Spots on Lance Shaped Leaves *Part Shade and Moist Soil