Planket Plant Cover A 10a Diameter – 3 Pack

Planket Plant Cover a 10a Diameter – 3 pack

The Planket is a lightweight, durable cover, constructed of a material used by professional plant growers that protects plants from cold weather while letting them breathe. No more heavy lifting and moving plants in and out of storage during frosts and light-freezes. Goes on in seconds and uses little storage space. A small hole in the center of each Planket Plant Cover makes it easy to use with hanging plants. Every Planket has a rope around the outside edge, which enables the Planket to be pulled tight at the base of the plant. Attractive, dark green color absorbs and retains more heat and looks similar to the plants it is covering. The 10-foot diameter size is perfect for covering plants under 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Also available in three other sizes.

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