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Pussy Willow

Pussy WillowSpring Enters on Fuzzy Paws A Pussy Willow is a deciduous shrub with ornamental appeal. One would look great just about anywhere in your yard. If you’ve ever held a cat’s paw and felt the cushy pads on her feet, you’ll understand how this ornamental shrub got its name. One-inch catkins form on the bare stems in late winter/early spring, turning into the light-grey, silky pads that the shrub is known for. They’re bewitching with their fuzzy appearance and soft grey hue. You won’t be able to resist touching the soft pads or cutting a few branches to bring indoors. They’re long-lasting, beautiful and unique. Pussy Willows usually grow as a 6-20 feet high, multi-stemmed shrub. Oblong, green foliage will fill out your shrub, giving it a pleasing appearance even after the fuzzy enchantment of the “cat’s paws” has passed. There are many birds and other animals for which the Pussy Willow is a valuable food source. They also provide excellent cover for many creatures. The Pussy Willow will be a valuable ornamental shrub and adorable conversation piece for your yard. They are a traditional harbinger of spring, and many people even purchase the stems from floral shops to brighten their homes. Plant more than one and share some of the adorable decorative branches with friends and neighbors. *Soft Fuzzy Buds in Spring *Green Foliage All Season *Fruit Attracts Birds and Wildlife

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